What is that smell!?

One of the most common causes for a kitchen that can wrinkle your nose is a dirty garbage disposal. Fortunately there are many ways to clean your disposal unit cheaply and without dangerous chemicals. The three best methods to clean it cost less than a dollar! First, turn on your garbage disposal and drop a couple ice cubes down the drain. The ice cleans built up residue from the blades without damaging them. Next, take a lemon and cut it into quarters. Drop them into the garbage disposal and turn it on for a few minutes. The citric acid will eat away remaining residue and deodorize the drain. For persistent odors, drop two tablespoons of Baking Soda into the drain. You may see a bit of foam from the Baking Soda interacting with the residual acid from the lemons. After a few minutes turn the disposal unit back on and rinse the drain. Now your garbage disposal is odor free!

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