5 Tips to Help You Find Time to Spend With Your Kids this Summer

Involve the Kids
When you involve the kids in your every day activities you not only get to spend time with them but you also teach them life skills they will use as they grow up. Fold laundry together, cook together, do yard work together, and talk to them the entire time. They will keep you entertained as well!. Kids can make hilarious observations about the daily tasks we do every day!
Work from Home (if possible)
More and more often these days employers are offering their employees the ability to work from home. Find out whether your company offers such a program, or if they are interested in starting one. If not, see if you can start work earlier or later than usual to get some extra hours with the kids before you leave for work.

Cook Bigger Meals
Make leftovers part of your life. If you are willing to cook a little extra each night you can have one or two “Leftover Days” which will give you extra time with the family. You can also cook big pots of soup and portion it out into freezer bags to be reheated later. If you are not a fan of leftovers, you can cook extra food one night that becomes the ingredients in the next day’s dinner, which at least cuts your preparation time.

Create New Traditions
Rather than going about your day like usual, discover new routines that your children will count on. Sunday Brunch, Saturday at the Park, Wednesday movie night. Your children will look forward to the event and perhaps will carry the tradition forward to their family. You might think that you do not have time to fit a new event into your life but it doesn’t have to take up the entire day. Find 30 minutes and play Candyland for Game Night. Various games are short and will still provide you time with your children.

Allow Yourself to Ignore Housework Occasionally
Accept the fact that the chores will be there when you wake up in the morning. While you obviously can’t put off a task for too long or for too often, if you find you are not able to have enough time for your children, you can skip the dishes or that yardwork for one day. It will still be there for you to do the next day. This works for tasks that must be done daily because the additional time necessary to do the extra dishes or the extra basket of laundry do not add much more time once you are already engaged in the task.

Hire Cinderella Maids Service!
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