Get your house ready for spring!

Tonight we roll the clocks ahead one hour for spring! It’s time to open up the windows, shake the dust out of the curtains, and get ready for some Spring Cleaning. Now, clearly the first step to this process is to call us to come do the work for you! However there are a few things you can do around the house in the meantime to start feeling that warm weather inside as well as outside.

  1. Open some windows. We are getting some warm days lately and opening your windows will create some air flow and bring fresh scents inside.
  2. Decorate with flowers. While it may be too cold for spring flowers to survive outside yet, you can get a jump on things by placing simple spring flower arrangements around the house.
  3. Hang some bird feeders. The colorful birds of summer will be returning soon. Hang a few bird feeders around your yard to ensure that your home is where they stop for a snack. You will be treated to birdsong and colorful friends all spring long.
  4. Create a simmer pot. Look online for ingredients that you can simmer on the stove to fill your house with fresh scents. Our favorite? Lemon, Fresh Rosemary, and Vanilla!
  5. Change the air filter for the house. Your air filter has been filtering and refiltering the same air all winter long. Chances are, those filters are ready to be changed. Along with spring will come pollen and you want your air handling system to be working at it’s peak.

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