Clean home, clean clothes

When you come home to a clean smelling home, you want to bring that smell with you. Here are some simple tips to make sure that your clothes smell as good as your home, even when you are away from the house.

  1. Line your drawers with used fabric softener sheets. Even after use, fabric softener sheets still retain some of their smell. By lining the bottom of your drawers with the used sheets, your clothes will continue to smell freshly washed even if it has been sitting in your drawer for a week. Replace one each time you do a load of laundry to keep the scent fresh.
  2. You may love the smell of fresh laundry, but when you leave the house you want to smell like your favorite perfume. You can take a strip of cotton batting, or felt and spray your favorite scent on it until it is wet. Once it dries, hang the strip on the bottom of your hanger inside your clothes and they will absorb the scent. The next time you slip on that top you will have the lingering scent of your favorite perfume even if you forget to spritz yourself before you walk out the door.
  3. Essential oils can also give your clothes a unique smell. Cut a few pieces of felt and drop some eucalyptus and mint oils, or some sandalwood and citrus, or whatever your favorite combinations are. Slip these pieces of felt into the pockets of your jeans or blouse or in your purse or wallet and you will smell your scents every time you pull your keys out of your pocket or pull out your credit card.

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