Find More Time During the School Year

You would think that having your kids away at school would allow you to get more done during the day and spend free time with them when they return from school. Unfortunately, with school comes homework, early bed times, bath time every night (no skipping!) and all of this while your children feel pressure to get their play time in before they have to go to bed. Combine this with packing lunches, preparing dinner, enforcing your house rules, and picking up after the tornado they leave behind, by the time they get to school you need a rest! So how do you manage to find time for yourself during all of these hectic months yet still keep your house in order? Make sure to take care of certain tasks when you have the children occupied doing other things. While they take their baths, make their lunches. Have them help you cook dinner so you can spend time with them while also getting their dinners ready. Sit at the table with them as they do homework, and do your own homework (pay bills). Finally, hire a maids service (we would be happy to help!) to free up time from your day so that you can finally relax!

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