Some of the best things to do now that Fall is here!

  1. Make Hot Drinks
    Now is the time of year for pumpkin spiced lattes, apple cider, and hot cocoa! With the brisk wind and cold evenings nothing will get you warm and toasty and ready to curl up under a blanket with your loved one like a hot drink!
  2. Play in the Leaves
    Who hasn’t jumped in a leaf pile as a kid? Now’s the time to make that memory for your kids… and to recreate it for yourself!
  3. Watch the leaves change
    Be ready with the camera, because when you start to see the color change you don’t have long before the skyline is a fireworks show. Before long it will be the bare trees of winter so enjoy the colors!
  4. Go to a Fair
    Fall Festivals and Harvest Fairs are a must have event. They are an excuse to go outside, eat fair food, and ride carnival rides before it gets too cold.
  5. Get Fall Furnishings
    One of the things to do in fall has to include getting some fall embellishments for your home! Head to a discount home goods store or even the dollar store and get some fall themed items to make your home look and feel more cozy and warm.
  6. Make S’MORES
    With all the camp fires and fireplaces that will be burning there is no excuse not to make s’mores! Don’t know how to make them? Roast a marshmallow, and sandwich it between two graham crackers and a Hersheys bar.
    Learn to make a signature soup or stew as one of fun fall activities to do this year. There’s nothing like homemade comfort food that fills your house with delicious fragrance. Experiment with different recipes until you come up with your very own signature fall soup or stew.