Preparing Your Summer Supplies for Storage

Time to pack up your summer
You’ve held out as long as you can, but it’s time to clean up your summer supplies before you store them away. You will be glad you did when next Summer rolls around

  • Beach Supplies – Clean your beach towels and any sandy beach supplies. If you have beach chairs place them in your driveway and hose them down to clean out any sand.
  • Patio Furniture – Clean with a mild detergent and water with a scrub brush. Avoid abrasive powders, chlorine bleaches and silicone cleaners.Patio Cushions – Acrylic, polyester and cotton fabrics should be spot-cleaned by sponging with a solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Rinse with clear water and air-dry. If the cushion has a removable cover, remove and launder according to instructions.
  • Camping Supplies – Turn your sleeping bag inside out. Shake the bag to remove as much debris as possible; then brush or vacuum away the remaining residue. If the bag is soiled, clean according to the sleeping bag’s care label instructions. Set up your tent and take a wet cloth soaked in water and Lysol and wipe down the fabric. Allow it to air dry and then repack the tent.
  • Gardening Supplies – Let any mud dry completely. Take any shoes outside and bang the soles together to remove as much of the dried mud and grass as possible. Using a solution of warm water and hand dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush, scrub gently to remove the remaining dirt. Take all gardening tools outside and use a scrub brush or the rough side of a kitchen sponge with soap and water to clean dirt and debris from the tools. Take your lawnmower outside and use a leaf blower or a can of compressed air to blow away excess grass. If the mower has a bag on it make sure to beat the dust out of the bag.

Unpack your Fall decorations!